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The Fertigation Fertilizer Method Guide for You.

When one is farming, it is good to come up with good ways of applying fertilizers. One of the best systems is when one adopts to use fertigation in his or her farm. For more information, one should understand that this method involves you to inject fertilizers to your plants using the irrigation water system. For the last seven decades, farmers have been using this method. The water that is fed to the plants using the irrigation lines and has all the nutrients that crops need to flourish. There are many places that we have fertigation systems. If you visit many golf and sports field, you will be amazed.

For more explanations, the nutrients are injected once in a month using a simple injection pump. It helps in treating all the water that is used for irrigation. Due to the advancement of technology, we have systems that do have multiple heads that do make sure that many nutrients are injected at the same time. In olden days the systems did allow injection of the liquid fertilizers at a maximum of two times. It did bring remarkable results but again, there was excessive growth. Nowadays, we recommend a method called micro-dosing. In this type, each irrigation cycle is spoon feed lightly, unlike the olden method.

In micro-dosing, the recommended rates of injected nutrients suggest that we use very light applications. With this method, one can have a way of controlling the nutrients application rates on the plants. For the activation of nutrients, one does not rely on temperature or moistures. It is possible to stop the nutrients application rates or rather have control over them. This is possible since you can choose to increase or decrease them. With micro-dosing, it is possible to control plant growth. Plant health is also improved.

There are many advantages to using this system. One it is good to acknowledge that the system is automatic. The nutrients are consistently fed to the plants. Since the fertilizer is applied by someone who is a professional, there is no wastage at all. The water is maximized. One has a method of giving the plant the right amount of nutrients plus water. If you use the other fertilizer application methods, you will find that you mess your plants up by underfeeding it in terms of nutrients and overwatering it. The methods help a lot in retaining the fertilizers in the soil for longer periods. You will find that in other fertilizer application methods, the fertilizers are washed away before it reaches on the plant’s roots. Use the fertigation method if you want to save on fertilizers. Also, with these methods, you can give the whole field fertilizers and water once. With man labor, this can be very expensive. To cut short your expenses, you should make use of the fertigation method. The best-known company that offers these services is known as the turf feeding system. If you use the online service, it is possible to access their websites and see more on their services.

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